Shanghai Cuisine

Shrimp Dumplings

Chinese cuisine is steeped in thousands of years of history. There are 8 culinary regions in China that have come to be known throughout the land. Of the 8, Shanghai or Hu Cuisine is one of the most pipular. If each of the 8 regions were to select one item to represent it’s indigenous culinary background, in Shanghai it would be the Xiao Long Bao (or soup dumplings).

At Dim Sum Garden our specialty is the Xiao Long Bao. Executive Chef Shizhou Da graduated from culinary school in Shanghai in 1972. After arriving in the United States in 2003, Chef Da worked in New York at many different Shanghai -themed restaurants. In 2008, Chef Shizhou Da opened

Dim Sum Garden, the first authentic Shanghai Cuisine restaurant in Philadelphia. The recipe for Xiao Long Bao has been passed down through 5 generations in the Da family and was finally brought to Philadelphia. Now Chef Da and daughter Sally own and manage the new location at 1020 Race Street.

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