Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai Dim Sum and My Family


If we can only name one item to represent the Shanghai Style Dim Dum,
no question that would be Xiao Long Bao (Soup dumpling or juicy bun).
The soup dumpling is the most popular dim sum item in Shanghai and nearly the entire southern China.

My mom, Shizhou Da, is the Founder and Head Chef of Dim Sum Garden in Philadelphia, PA.

She is the fifth generation of the original four chefs who created the Xiao Long Bao. Not only she has had the original recipe of the Xiao Long Bao,
she also went to a cooking school at age of 18 and learned everything for the entire line of Shanghai style dim sum. She has been a Dim Sum Chef for over thirty years.

She came to the States in 2003 to run the Dim Sum section for some restaurants in New York City and Northern Jersey. She came to Philadelphia in 2008 to put together Philly’s only Shanghai Dim Sum Restaurant, the Dim Sum Garden.
To date, Dim Sum Garden is a well respected dim sum restaurant despite its not so ideal location.

I came to Philadelphia in 2008 to help my Mom running the business end of Dim Sum Garden. I studied business in China but never thought of continuing the family tradition then. However, soon after joining DSG, I grew more and more interested in dim sum making. It took me only one third of time that others needed to learn all you need to know about dim sum production.
I was able to run the back end of the restaurant while mom as on a two week long vacation in 2012.

I have a great hope of being the sixth generation of the famous Xiao Long Bao chef.

And now, Our new Dim Sum Garden in the heart of Philadelphia Chinatown has just opened. (1020 Race street, Philadelphia, PA 19107)

We are so excited to have all the families and friends in Philly to stop by and try our new restaurant.

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